Friday, February 23, 2007

Few & Far Between...

...are the times when I get a minute to sit and think succinctly about what I want to say here AND have the time to write it.

You may have noticed the countdown clock over there to the right. It is official - I am engaged. I asked, she said yes, I slipped the ring on her finger. There were tears and smiles and the guiding hands of two people that are probably yucking it up at the biggest bar in heaven, throwing back Black Labels and smoking Old Golds. Keep the date open folks: 07/07/07. More to follow, maybe even a wedding website.

Work has been hammering me with mandatory OT every week. More $$, less time at home. It's a tradeoff we all make I suppose.

Speaking of home, I am officially fulltimedly cohabitating with Die Bücherstutze. As long as the kids keep the peace and make nice happy-happies for the most part. I mean, I AM a realist and know there will be times when they'll be all cats & dogs. I was the youngest of 3 boys, so I get it. Or should I say I got it - good and hard.

New Music picks: The Bravery, and Rodrigo y Gabriela

Show me some love.


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At 2:28 PM, Blogger newwavegurly said...

Yeah, I already knew all this stuff.

And yeah, I've already offered you my congratulations via phone conversation.

But I'm going to say it again... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO very happy for you.

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