Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dark As My Soul

There is no light
We feel our way through
Stumbling on the mysteries
Not wanting to know
The truth that tripped us
Cursing the darkness pleases us
It's easier
It's easier

In the dark is no pain
In the dark is no sadness
In the dark is no ugliness
In the dark is no loneliness
In the dark everything is familiar

There is no light

In the deep of darkest nights
I lock myself up
With no room for you
Not even the silhouette
Falling from your side
There is no room
It's easier
It's easier

In the dark is a warmth
In the dark is a comfort
In the dark is a soothing
In the dark is a home
In the dark everything is familiar

There is no light

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Learn To Face The Strange

Life never comes with instructions or a map. Kids don't have care labels. There are no government warnings on sharks. Yet it's pretty amazing how the human species has managed to make it this far.

There was a time when life was extrememly simple. Some my say plain, others dull. No moving pictures or recorded music. The golden age of wireless was a ways off. Folks sat around and talked or sang, carved toys out of wood, perhaps sewed their own clothes while sitting by the fire. There was a closeness back then that forged bonds for life.

Fast forward to the Days of Tireless, the age of 24/7, instant access, and on demand. Everything is pre-packaged, processed and preserved. Entire symphonies fit in our pockets. Entertainment is an industry larger than many others combined. Nearly everything is available and disposable.

Yet amid this techno-world, something interesting happened. People found ways to get closer. Closer to other people far away. People they had never met.

Through the advent of the blog, IM, and e-mail, we have the ability to keep in constant contact with people halfway around the world. Friendships are borne of common interests on websites with varying topics. Though some still scoff or look with a raised eyebrow, these new friendships are no less genuine than what was forged in pioneer times.

We have the ability to be more selective about those we associate with. A larger pool provides more opportunities to meet people you really click with. As such, I believe the odds are better that you meet someone online who becomes a very close friend.

I met one such person nearly two years ago. She was many things to many people. She was fun to talk to, witty, sarcastic, sexy; just an all-around great woman. Sure she had issues. But I have issues too. She was insecure, but no more than me. She could be irrational, but we are all human and have emotions. You never overreacted to something?

I know that she made a deep impression on me early on. All this time, she has remained someone I could confide in, laugh with, say silly things and not be called out for it.

Funny thing: I never have, and never will meet her.

Does this sound strange to you? Well, likely no. In the "blogosphere" (gawd, first time I am using that word) many of you have accepted the relationships people develop online. But to people not as involved online, it sounds peculiar.

Another funny thing: I don't care.

The people I meet online are real to me. I get feedback, stories, heartbreak, elation. There is no shortage of emotion here online. I have the battlescars to prove it. (Oh hell yeah, there is heartache online.)

So don't ever let anyone discount you or your friends. And don't forget to let your friends know just what they mean to you.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lost in Yonkers, Lost Anywhere

This is slowly becoming the Year of The Lost. So many things are slipping by, slipping away. There's only so much I can do for some of these things. Others are just far beyond my control. Granted some things I am selfish about. Still - what I feel doesn't hurt any less, doesn't upset me any less.

I can't make the world a pefect place, but it has to get better.

It has to.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

So I Got Nothing

Two successive Fridays with ZERO to show for my photo idea. What happened to all the weird? The people BBQing in the back of a moving pickup? The girl painting her toenails on the dashboard? (yes - in the passenger seat) The guy with 17 earrings and a ZZTop beard? Nowhere to be found.

I think I am bummed out over this. I REALLY tried to find things to shoot. Maybe that's it? I guess you have to wait for weirdness to find you.

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