Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Some Of Those That Work Forces...

OK, so I seem to have everything on track - family, financially, love life all moving in the same directions. However, as my new love (hereinafter referred to as My Bookend) would say, "you can't overlook Little Black Raincloud Syndrome." What is that? When everything is going well, some little problem will sit itself right over your head and piss rain all over your parade.

That cloud has personified itself in a unnamed family member who has taken issue with our relationship. I'd like to give as little detail as possible so as to protect My Bookend from any undue embarrasment, but it is incredibly frustrating to have to deal with this unreasonable, controlling and manipulative person. To be fair, I have not met this person and they know nothing about me other than what has been relayed from The Bookend. It is hard to deny her happiness though which has been so evident since we started dating at the beginning of the year. So I cannot fathom what has launched this tirade against my involvement with My Bookend.

I suppose there are times in a life when your eyes finally open to what has been going on for sometime, It hurts when you see ugliness and hurtful actions from a person who purports to love you and have "your best interests" at stake. It hurts more to know that maybe the best thing to do is cut all ties with that person in order to save your sanity. But cutting strings only hurts a little while, compared to the lifelong pain of manipulation & mental cruelty.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Sprung Sprang

I love it - the chill of winter is gone. Sunshine warms my soul. Days are longer, nights are warmer, love is lovelier. I'm ready for more.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This is the edit of the lame-ass post I was going to make. I told myself I'd rather write nothing than be inconsequential and puffy. Well, I wasn't happy with what was coming out so I chucked it all and decided to write about how pissed that made me. Maybe it is because of this damn headache I feel coming on. Spring + big rainstorm = allergy & pressure migraine. Yeah - I know. Suck it up, Peter. People deal.

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