Monday, April 25, 2005

I Suck Redux

Think first before acting, before speaking, before doing ANYTHING! How I envy those people that are calm & rational. Maybe they don't have the emotional experiences I have, but they are also spared the heartache.

Shame on me.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dontcha Know

I had some extra time with the kids this week - their mom is out of town for a conference. Got me thinking that I could almost do this on a daily basis (as long as I had reliable help to pick up the kids from the bus and hang out until I got home.) But who am I kidding? There is SO much that goes on that their mom handles that I can't fathom - or rather just don't have a clue about.

I am emotional and impulsive, she is rational and analytical. I am creative, she is structured. For every white I have, she is a black. And as far as she and I were concerned, there were too many differences to overcome. But I think this is a very big plus for being parents. Especially if the kids get all these things from each parent. We can work well together (well, as a team, not so much "together" in the same space - that's still and always going to be a strain.) and I'd like to think that she too realizes that what I give to the kids is as irreplacable as what she does.

So maybe a little tribute to the mom, early for Mother's day I know. So a nod of the head, tip of the cap for her. Thanks.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Without Question: An Assignment

You do it every day. Several times per minute. No one tells you to. You don't even remind yourself - it just happens.

Breathe. Take in air and expel CO2. The cycle continues without thought.

How much of life goes by without thought, no notice taken? How many small things happen that are mysteries unto themsleves as we never take notice of them?

Take some time to study the small things, look for the mystery of the unobserved moment. So much will go by without appreciation. I charge you to find the example of daily life that never gets fair regard.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Suck

I Suck I Suck I Suck I Suck I Suck I Suck.

OK - I apologize for not getting back to this in a while. OK - a LONG while. I am just full of despair and misery and the blog, sadly, is a low priority. My plate of shit has just gotten really huge, and I know you all have been there. Maybe this writing IS good for me, but until it pays the bills, I'm not going to be flocking to it daily. That is unless I can track this down to something I never wanted it to be: A daily one-liner. Not to knock anyone, but why bother? IMO, that's like burping. I know I can do better, I want to do better.

Maybe it is grandiose of me to think that I need to entertain or enlighten you, the reader. After all, am I not writing for myself? I am. But why publish a blog if I don't care about what i put on the damn thing?

Anywho, I beg a thousand pardons, and hope that the next interval is not so long.


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